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I’m Dr. Karen.

I’m a mix of passion and purpose and I am on a mission to shift the paradigm of wellness. A paradigm where we talk about the things that are rarely said. Where we hold space for each other in authentic ways. Where we acknowledge our collective lived experience that includes stress, anxiety, and trauma.
It’s time to shift.

What’s in the SHIFT?

I do what I do because I am passionate about bringing attention to mental health, especially stress and anxiety.
By using coping strategies that invite us to stretch beyond traditional wellness techniques, I use mindfulness to create authentic spaces of peace, strength, and empowerment that combat the stress and anxiety rooted in our everyday lives. Doing it without stigma or shame. Doing it in a brave way.

There is no health without mental health. How can we be seen, heard, and valued, living in ways authentic to us if we do not acknowledge our vulnerabilities? How do we give ourselves permission to address what, for too long, has not been accepted in our community? 

We shift. Bravely.

We stop trudging along in silence. Together we will break down the stigma of mental health and align our mind and body to health and wellness.

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My Approach to Mindfulness

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I bring my experience as a mother, clinician, researcher, and mindfulness instructor to embark on a journey of true and authentic wellness.

I believe in the power of mind-body connection with a holistic approach to wellness. 

I use the core principles of mindfulness-based stress reduction in accessible and tangible ways to help you develop stress management and coping strategies that enhance your quality of life and decrease your stress and anxiety in ways you might not have thought possible. What you are left with is a unique experience, tailored to you in a way that is authentic and real. You will learn to shift the way you show up for yourself. 

Using mindfulness practices such as sitting meditations, body scans, or mindful eating, you may begin to see things with a new vision, you may hear things with new ears, or taste things with a heightened appreciation. Whatever it may be… you’ll embrace living in the present moment with whatever may be arising. 

I have a healthy respect for elevating your voice and your journey.

Boldly, Beautifully, Bravely.

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